"Perverted Effigy" 
June 4th- July 11th 2003

'Perverted Effigy' is the starting point for Neal Munro-Peebles 6 week residency in 340 Old Street.  Neal will be developing his installation within the gallery space for the duration of the month providing an opportunity for a dialogue between artist and viewer to take place.

Prostitutes calling cards found in city centre telephone boxes and the religious effigies of Madonna and Child are the sources for Neal Munro-Peebles palette. In these works Munro-Peebles combines these incongruous images, overlaying them with gold leaf to create ornate miniatures without shame, limitation and credence to their original gravitas.

To Munro-Peebles religious icon or porno flick have a similar iconographic power. As vessels for idolatry, fantasy or adoration both act for him as signifiers for female subordination. By masking these images with gold leaf and scratching through to reveal the underlying figures, Munro-Peebles creates a series of muted sub-human forms, which lose their original identity. Where traces of the originals peep through, sexual fantasy and adulation become interlocked. We are at once drawn to and affronted by the delicacy and disfigurement of these distressed transgressive miniatures.

  • Further information:
  • Neal Munro Peebles has been in group shows at RAW gallery London, AIR gallery London, Battersea Art Fair and at 340 Old Street. He is 27 years of age, graduated in fine art in 1998 and lives in London. "Perverted Effigy" will be his first solo exhibition.
  • 340 Old Street is a project space to question, challenge and progressively contribute to contemporary art and culture.
  • "340 Old Street exists to question, challenge and progressively contribute to contemporary art and culture." Terry Duffy 2003.
    Terry Duffy ( is the owner and Director of 340 Old Street and an artist with a national and international reputation that spans 25 years.
  • 340 Old St, London EC1V 9DS


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