“The Blind leading the Blind”. (pass mouse cursor over painting to see original)

A project by Terry Duffy painted by Bob Goldsborough.
From: The parable of the blind leading the blind.  By Pieter Bruegel

Is Tony Blair one of the blind leading the blind?

Saddam has fallen. Tony carries on regardless (he believes he can see the way forward). Bush continues to have that vacant stare (is it "blind faith" or is he the puppet president for Global Companies?). Chirac made pretences for peace with Iraqi contracts in his back pocket. Putin isn't sure of who to follow and Kofi Anan, with eyes closed, trails behind not knowing where the others will lead him?

These are the so-called global leaders. Who is blind?

Duffy and Goldsborough have reinterpreted Bruegel's 16th century masterpiece of "The Parable of the Blind leading the Blind" which exposed the folly of un-scrutinised belief. They have found its resonance in today's political climate and by doing so have successfully questioned our understanding of the current political crisis. They go beyond the war in Iraq and ask us to re-access who is leading who, for what purpose and to what effect?

Duffy conceived of the idea and directed the painting at every stage. He searched for an artist, who had the skills and knowledge to faithfully reproduce Bruegel's original painting and came to collaborate with Goldsborough. By replacing Bruegel's original band of blind with the six global leaders of our time and faithfully reproducing all other visual elements of the original, Duffy and Goldsborough not only created a painting of importance but also unearthed and re-instated a dying and unfashionable art, that of realist painting.

The painting, which is both skill-fully crafted and politically loaded, is part of a series of projects at 340 Old Street which comment on present and historical situations and challenges the limitations of contemporary art today.

"Fundamental to this project is to reassert 'traditional painting' within contemporary fine art culture. Realist painting might be forgotten within "Brit Art" but it isn't dead, it maintains the power to communicate and communication is never out of fashion." Terry Duffy

  • Further information:
  • 340 Old Street is a project space to question, challenge and progressively contribute to contemporary art and culture.
  • Terry Duffy (www.terryduffy.info) is the owner and Director of 340 Old Street and an artist with a national and international reputation that spans 25 years.
  • 340 Old St, London EC1V 9D www.340oldstreet.com




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